I hope…

I hope there is a parallel universe, where I am the real me, strong, fearless and brave. I hope you could meet me there... <a href="Parallel">Daily Prompt, Parallel


What do you need that fear for?

Sunday. Already thinking of Monday. The endless To Do List! The anxious feeling in the stomach! So many things to do, so many expectations to meet! Does it ever end that To Do List? Propably even when you die it still will have unchecked items. I sit on my favorite bar and open my laptop.... Continue Reading →

My first Poem!

A poem Adorable, sweet, beautiful, kind, don't know how to treat i hope you don't mind. I act like a dog My head is in fog I act like a beast oh trust me I'm weak They say am the strong but oh, they're so wrong! They say I am king too, but never without... Continue Reading →

Grey Matter!

Here I was this morning, doing my makeup, brushing my hair when suddenly I notice a sparkle in my hair! And then another one! A little light and here they appear to signal me that what scares me the most has already come. My beautiful grey hair! It's funny how from the day I turned... Continue Reading →

The Micro-phobia!

Normally the word Micro has no particular effect on me! Ironically, I saw the daily post right after I was watching some videos and interviews of Elon Musk! And here there was, the word Micro after all the Macro inventions, discoveries, achievements of the geniues Musk! What a terrible void! He said: If you need... Continue Reading →

Daydreaming Diary!

I consider myself a spiritual person and don't find myself obsessed with an object or stuff of my posession nearly ever. But my earplugs are basically an extension of me! I need my music! I cannot go anywhere without them and if I do, I kind feel incomplete.My friends make fun of me saying that... Continue Reading →

The Heavy Weight Title of Inefficiency!

Inefficient! Unproductive! Unsuitable! Can a human being even be those things? Don't you feel they are meant for devices and stuff? Even as I type those words they feel unhuman to me! Am I inefficient? Aren't we all inefficient in something in one moment of our life? But still... the word "inefficient" just makes me... Continue Reading →

Common let it go!

I have been seeing some new, relatively unknown movies lately. They are all about social medias effects on our lifes! Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the wrong turn social media has taken! Of course I do appreciate it when it comes to that little good it has done for some people... But for all... Continue Reading →

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